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Our core business lines

In order to best meet our clients’ needs, Apave in Vietnam proposes a series of activities directly tailored to the Vietnamese market. Our business activities fall within the scope of inspection, training and consulting & technical support and allow our clients to be accompanied through all stages of their project life cycle.


Combining knowledge and experience, we provide our clients with solutions that allow them to safely carry out their business and to manage their associated risks. Our complementary business lines assist our clients face the global industrial, energy, and digital transitions and be best prepared for the world of tomorrow.

3 integrated and complementary

business lines


Consulting & technical support

Project management and monitoring of construction projects, construction management and verification of compliance for construction works, construction supervision including quality assurance and quality control.


Compliance checks (regulatory and non-regulatory) on technical facilities, equipment, buildings under construction, structures, processes, etc.


Tailored inter/intra-company training on professional techniques, international standards and management tools, and functional management.

Why Choose

Apave Vietnam


Unique experience of over 150 years

in France and 25 years in Vietnam combined with sharp technical expertise in construction and industry make Apave your trusted partner.
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Multidisciplinary approach to your needs

We put together a team of specialists tailored to your projects: technical engineers of all specialties, consultants, skilled technicians and a professional support team.
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Ability to support you in your transformation projects

Working alongside companies throughout all their transformations since industry 1.0, Apave is your legitimate partner to ensure that your shift to Industry 4.0 is a success, taking into account all its dimensions: technical, organisational, human and digital.

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