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Construction consultancy

Safety, quality and progress are vital to any construction project. Whether it is the construction of industrial facilities, road infrastructure or large high-rise buildings, construction consultancy allows customers to pursue their construction projects in line with existing regulations and to the highest global standards. Providing this type of support and guidance at the early stage of a construction project, and being able to anticipate any potential issues, increases its chance for success and provides guarantees to customers and the public.

Project Management

Apave strictly follows the requirements and investment goals of investors, as well as clients, right from the developpment of the investment idea up to the project completion, including hand-over and start of operations.


1. Planning

  • Setting up the project implementation plan in detail and in realistic terms, complying with the project scales, usability, financial and business plan of the investor
  • The implementation plan helps the investor/developer have an overview of project development from the early stages to the implementation process and the completion of the project 


2. Design Management

  • Managing and controlling design outputs from concept stage to detailed design stage
  • Ensuring compliance with investor's requirements, construction quality, cost savings to achieve investment efficiency and compliance with current legal regulations 


3. Quality Management

  • Establishing a system of detailed quality management procedures to ensure all factors affecting project quality are under control
  • Managing and controlling the application of Quality management procedures for the entire project 


4. Progress Management

  • Establishing and validating the progress management procedure
  • Developing the project Master schedule, checking and approving the detailed schedule of each package
  • Managing, coordinating and proposing solutions to adapt the General progress requirement 


5. Management of occupational safety and environmental sanitation

  • Establishing and validating occupational safety and environmental sanitation management procedures
  • Checking and approving of the Plan to ensure labour safety and environmental sanitation submitted by contractors
  • Monitoring and ensuring project participants' compliance with regulations 


6. Cost Management

  • Establishing and validating the procedure of cost
  • Budgeting and Capital planning
  • Managing and Controlling the Cost of each package and the variant
  • Payment, settlement, audit for project

Construction Supervision

Construction supervision is carried out regularly, continuously and systematically. Ensuring the project meets requirements in terms of Quality, Progress, accurate Quantity, labour safety and environmental sanitation.


1. Quality Supervision

  • All the contractor's sources to be mobilised shall be checked to ensure compliance with the requirements: human resources, materials, machines, equipment... 
  • All the project's works shall be checked regularly, continuously, systematically. All the faults or errors shall be required timely for correction
  • The works accepted must meet the quality requirements


2. Progress Supervision

  • Following up the Project master schedule, detailed schedule of every package, regularly evaluating actual progress: daily, weekly, monthly
  • Strictly controlling the contractors’ resources to ensure the progress is met
  • Proposing solutions to shorten the timeline of each package and whole project


3. Quantity Supervision

  • Verification and confirmation of the quantity of completed works in a timely and accurate manner complying with the actual construction
  • Verification of all quantity documents for payment and settlement - checking for accuracy according to detailed workload and in accordance with contract stipulation


4. Supervision of labor safety and environmental sanitation

  • Establishing, checking and approving the plan to ensure labour safety for every work on site.
  • Identifying specific high-risk jobs for special attention
  • Strictly supervising the implementation of a plan to ensure labour safety on site

Design review

Estimates review

design review with architects and Apave consultant
design review with architects and Apave consultant

Helping design documents, project cost estimation more precisely, ensuring load-bearing capacity, suitable with the expected uses, cost savings, increase investment efficiency, complying with current legal regulations.


1. Design Review

  • Checking the capacity of organisations and individuals conducting survey and construction design
  • Checking the compliance with applicable standards, technical regulations, and legal regulations
  • Checking the rationality of design solutions, lines and technological equipment


2. Estimates Review


  • Checking the application of norms, construction unit prices and other cost items in the estimation
  • Checking the consistency between the quantity of the estimate and the design
  • Assessing reasonable construction cost to ensure savings in construction investment

Bidding Consultancy

Helping the Investor to select qualified and experienced contractors to carry out works with quality, progress and safety at the most reasonable cost.


1. Preparation

  • Developing a plan to select contractors in accordance with the project schedule
  • Preparing bidding documents and contract templates


2. Organising for selection

  • Preparing and delivering the bidding documents, clarifying bidding information as required
  • Reception of bids
  • Evaluation of bids


3. Contract Negotiation

  • Negotiating existing inconsistencies between the bidding documents and the tender documents
  • Negotiating the contractor's proposals for changes or alternatives


4. Proposing and Awarding Contract

  • Submitting the selection results for approval by the contractor
  • Notification of contractor selection results according to regulations
  • Finalization of Contract for signing

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