JVPC Platform

Japan Vietnam Petroleum Company - JVPC

Japan Vietnam Petroleum Company (JVPC) operates the Rang Dong and Phuong Dong oil fields located in Block 15-2 offshore Vietnam. JVPC’s offshore production facilities in Rang Dong and Phuong Dong Field currently comprise five wellhead platforms (WHP-N1, WHP-E1/E1-A, WHP-S1 and WHP-C1, WHP-PD), one Gas Compressions and Water Injection Platform (NCWI), one Utility and Living Quarter Platform (NULQ), one Central Liquid Processing Platform (CLPP) and 17 infield pipelines interconnecting platforms for transporting production fluids, injection seawater, lift gas and injection gas within platforms.
To ensure the mechanical integrity of piping systems in JVPC and manage them effectively, JVPC built DMA and ITPM system for all piping systems. All of design, fabrication and historical data of piping systems will be incorporated into these DMA workbook and ITPM to manage and generate essential inspection plan for all process piping system in JVPC including visual inspection, on-stream inspection, special inspection... 
Since 2017, Apave has been accompanied by JVPC as a contractor providing inspection services every year.

Project description :

Block 15-2 in Rang Dong oil field

2017 - 2020 (annual contract)


Client :

Japan Vietnam Petroleum Co., Ltd


Missions :

Supply of Equipment, Tools and Personnel for Corrosion Testing Services in Pipeline Systems Operated on the Company's Offshore Platforms