Lusail stadium and Ras Abu Aboud stadium Ho Chi Minh

Lusail Stadium : Located 15km north of central Doha, Lusail is a pioneer among cities. Every aspect of its planning, from its tram system and plentiful green spaces to this sustainability-focused arena, concentrates on human needs and environmental conservation. The result will be a city where 200,000 people live in harmony with the environment – and enjoy the legacy of this spectacular stadium.


Ras Abu Aboud Stadium : Often touted as one of the most architecturally daring stadiums in the history of the FIFA™ World Cup, the Ras Abu Aboud Stadium was built from containers, removable seats and other modular elements. Thanks to this innovative structure, the Ras Abu Aboud stadium is completely demountable. Its elements will then be used for other projects according to the plans of the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy (SC), and will therefore give a new dimension to the concept of legacy.


Apave Vietnam was commissioned to supervise and control project schedule, manage activities during fabrication, packing, delivery on all the components manufactured in Ho Chi Minh to be sent to Qatar.


Project description :

  • Ras Abu Aboud Stadium : 40 000 seats
  • Lusail Stadium : 80 000 seats




Missions :

  • Independent party on behalf of client to supervise and control project schedule, quality of project
  • Manage activities during fabrication, packing, delivery
  • Control project documents include material input document, procedures, As-built document